Thursday, December 13, 2012

What About Thomas Suarez?

  I had the opportunity to talk with some teachers and administrators from Climax yesterday.  They came for a school visit to see how the iPads are being implemented.  They observed classrooms and talked with various staff members, myself, Mr. Strand and STUDENTS:)!!  That was the best part they said, was sitting down and talking with some kids about their thoughts on the MOVE 21 implementation.  The final question they asked me before leaving was, "Why the iPad?"  I had a hard time right away trying to answer this and thought for a few seconds; a video came to me that we saw at TIES:

    What about Thomas Suarez?  How do we reach him?  And that was my question and comments for them - if you want kids to have a device so they can word process, create PowerPoints, and use the Internet, then I told them to go with a laptop.  If you want a device that will allow for creativity, imagination and INNOVATION - then you should go with the iPad! 
     I KNOW that we made the right choice here in Barnesville - we have SO many kids like Thomas Suarez that NEED to think outside the box and should be allowed to think outside the box - and the iPad, a great TOOL, combined with even GREATER AND AMAZING teachers who LET them use this tool to be innovative - makes for a successful and fabulous school district with successful and fabulous students!

Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

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