Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple Configurator....

   Well, we were able to figure out SOME of the problems with Apple Configurator!  I talked yesterday with a gentleman from Apple, and we were able to solve some things; we talked about grouping students and how to organize them, preferences, etc... so some were good outcomes.  He thought that with the update of Apple Configurator - the option to "view" the live iPad is gone since it will remember what was supposed to be on it - and Apple Configurator will override EVERYTHING else!  So Casey and I will have to do some changes again:)!  I am in process of updating ALL apps since we will be reconfigurating all of the iPads the second week in January.  We are allowing teachers ONE more opportunity to put on up to 5 more free apps if they so choose.  So hooking up all those buggers one more time:)!
    Here are a few things that I sent to the teachers regarding app choices and review of apps that might be the most beneficial and used most often in their classrooms:

  The first list is a TON of information with a TON of different sites to look at!  All seemed very helpful when trying to decide on apps for the iPad!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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