Monday, December 10, 2012

Another WOW!!!

   My mind hurts!!!!  Five sessions and all great - the best one BY FAR was the last one I went to.  The speaker was Mark Garrison, and he is the technology coordinator at White Bear Lake Public Schools.  His enthusiasm, passion, and motivation to do better was felt throughout the session.  His website is one that I have already talked about Garrison Sites, and if you click on the TIES 2012 link on the left hand side, he showed us "50 Sites in 50 Minutes."  AMAZING:)!!!! 
   Now, of course, the bad news!  Some of the sites that he showed us of course have flash and can't be used on our iPads - bummer;(!!!  Students CAN use them on the 6 computers that we have in our elementary classrooms and the labs at the high school.  But, MANY of the sites can be used with the iPads!! 
  Here are my TOP favorites that Mr. Garrison went over:)

This wind map site shows you the wind patterns across the US - you could use it to talk to your kids about weather patterns and storms that are taking place, as well as fronts that you can visibly see!

A peek into the National Archives in Washington, DC, students are able to view and learn about these very important documents.  Although it doesn't look as "cool" on the iPad, it still is able to be used here!

This website shows you superimposed ratios and proportions of events and things that have happened.  For example, you can see how big the area of the moon that has been studied compared certain continents and land areas.

This site allows you to create a map that you can draw on and write about events, import picture and video and tell a story.  Some examples on there include having students track the Lewis and Clark Expedition - but the ideas are LIMITLESS!!  You could use this for assessment for ANY History related event as well as time order words and sequence of events;)!

  Well, that's all I have for tonight!  Mark Garrison really is AMAZING!!  Check out his site and some of the links above!

Happy Monday Night,
Mrs. I:)

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