Friday, May 29, 2015


IT"S OFFICIAL!  WE.  ARE.  DONE.  WITH.  iPAD 2s!!!  Cloud Blue game in and JUST pulled away from BHS with ALL our iPads - YAHOO:)!!  WHAT A RELIEF!  They will now bring them back and count all and figure out a grand total of what kind of money we will get for them - TBD!!
  However, didn't have a CLUE what to expect - so I had to take some pictures of what actually went on here. 

First we loaded ALL the iPads from Casey's office:

 Next, we loaded sets of iPads into a crate that held a cardboard box with dividers in it:

Finally, they totaled the boxes up and put them on pallets for loading onto a truck - DONE!!
I MUST say what a relief - and the CRAZY thing - I had a GRAND TOTAL of 963 iPads - they had a grand total of 967 iPads - AND we found 4 that were completely a loss from our iCare repair place - YAHOO - SPOT.  ON.  Like that will EVER happen again, right:)?

So, here we are onto the NEXT adventure with iPad Mini3s - we will see how this goes and how all function with a little bit smaller, but SO much lighter, faster, and manageable device - YAHOO!

Happy Summer Ya'll - I will continue to work on app lists and get ALL updated before FALL 2015 - for now have an AMAZING summer break - enjoy time with family and friend - TECH FREE!!
Take care and enjoy your time -
Mrs. I:)

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