Monday, October 12, 2015

Virtual Field Trips and More

  I have been looking for some virtual field trips and came across a few that would be worth checking out.  Not ALL of them work on the iPads, but there are some AMAZING ones here:)!

1.  National Museum of Natural History - Why not start with one of the most AMAZING museums that you can visit!  This site allows you to take a panoramic virtual tour around the Museum of Natural History and jump floors and explore what they have to offer - SO SO COOL!

2. National Parks by National Geographic - This is an app to download on your iPad but it shows 25 of the best parts in the United States.  It's FREE and SO worth the download:)!

3. Google Cultural Institute - Find various collections and exhibits from museums all over the world.  You can search topics or choose from those already showing. 

4.  Polar Husky - This site has amazing journeys taken across the Arctic.  It's free curriculum and has been since the site was created. 

These are just a FEW that I have happened to come across in the last week!  I will continue to post more if I find them and continue to carry on.........

Happy Monday and MEA week - YAHOO!  Three Days to work our tails off and then a few days to refresh our minds!
 Mrs. I:)

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