Thursday, January 14, 2016

NEW OBSESSION - Google Cardboard!!!

SERIOUSLY - I had heard about Google Cardboard about a year ago maybe?  and thought that is pretty cool.  Well, I FINALLY ordered one myself and am OBSESSED with it!!!!  If you have NEVER heard of it or seen it, for $19.99 it's worth the buy!  You simply download the Google Cardboard app, or any other of the tons of virtual reality apps compatible with is (here is a list and yet a few more) and insert your iPhone or Andriod and you are SET:)!!!  Everything from taking a virtual field trip, to riding a roller coaster, to swimming with sharks, to shooting ducks and zombies.  Really, there are NO limitations to this thing!  Here are a couple of photos of a kiddo using it so you can see what is looks like once it's in use:

NOW - to take it a step further - we sat down today and started playing to create our OWN virtual tour of our school - starting in the library.  We used the app Google StreetView and simply followed the directions on the app a VIOLA we had a virtual reality view of the media center.  Another student came in, and after learning a few tricks, like standing VERY still, and keeping the environment as consistent as possible, the second one turned out even BETTER.  I can REALLY see this becoming a part of our school here.  I am going to have the kiddos go and try and start creating virtual tours of our community - unreal!!

Ironically, as I was working on, researching and playing with this, another teacher emailed me THIS article - unbelievable!!!

Happy Day All - snow is falling hard here - hoping the wind doesn't pick up -
Mrs. I:)

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