Friday, February 26, 2016

Coding is IT!!!!

  Coding is nothing new to the education field.  In fact, many schools have been, and now are, offering opportunities for kids to learn how to code.  Whether it's being implemented in programs and courses they currently have, or adding it on as a before school or after school program, schools need to start doing this!   In Minnesota alone, reports, "there are roughly 15,000 open computing jobs, offering an average salary of $84,705. With a mere 8 percent of STEM graduates specializing in computer science nationwide, only 1 in 4 Minnesota schools have taken it upon themselves to start preparing their students to fill this employee gap."  Definitely a need for these 21st Century learners and thinkers;)!!
Here are a few great apps and websites that we have used in Barnesville, and some others that we will be exploring in the near future!


1. Hopscotch (free) - our 5th graders use this one during Mrs. Askegaard's rotation of MOVE 21.  She has them use the app at their own pace, but initially gave them basic instruction on the "how tos" of the coding in general.

2. Tynker (free) -  Students in Barnesville have used the website during Hour of Code, but not the app.  We will be exploring this this spring with the fifth graders:)!

3. ScratchJr (free) - an app that we are looking at trialing:)!  This helps kids code their first multi media project.

4. Kodable Pro (Free) - fun programming logic for kids and parents alike.


1. - we have used this website with just about every grade level as there are SO many things for them to do at various levels.  Two years ago Casey and myself helped individual grade levels work on this, and last yea they did it on their own.  A GREAT simple one to start with.

2.  Hour of Code - The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

3. Tynker - Tynker's online courses provide exercises, tutorials, creativity tools, puzzles and tons of other programming features.  You can do some for free, but kids can unlock and play more for a cheap rate - and for schools even cheaper - something like $1 a kid - crazy cheap:)!

I am BARELY touching the surface on this topic as there are SO MANY other apps and websites that deal with coding.  I think it's worth looking into though as it's definitely something these kiddos are going to need to know, and something that will be needed in the future!

Happy Weekend all
Mrs. I:)

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