Monday, January 16, 2017

One 1st Grade Teacher's Use of iPad Apps:)

I know that Mrs. Olson, one of our 1st grade teachers wouldn't mind me sharing this.  We recently had a school come and visit us about iPads in the K-2 classroom and this is what she had to say about apps in 1st Grade:

Here are some of the iPad apps that we use a lot: 

Seesaw: This is a great sharing app to allow parents to see some of the work the kids do each day. The parents can also comment on things so the kids can see it!

Rocket Speller: Great for spelling practice.  This one can be set to different levels to differentiate for your class. 

Sushi Monster: Great game for math facts.

Flash to Pass: Great for math facts. You can set a time limit and a difficulty level. 

Sail Through Math: Math facts

HyperBlast: Very video game-like- the kids love that part. Great for math facts.

Math Bingo: Fun math facts bingo game

Story Buddy: This one is fun for individual practice for anything! I use it for spelling practice, writing sentences, retelling stories... Pretty much anything!

Spelling City- You can upload your own spelling list and the kids can play games to practice their words!

Explain Everything: This app is great for almost anything as well! I use it with my kids to do a book report, practice spelling sentences, practice math facts... The thing the kids and I love about this app is that their project can be made into a movie when they are done then we can share them on the smart board via the Apple TV! They love to watch everyones movies!

Kids A-Z- make a class list and your kids can listen to leveled readers that are just right for them!

iBooks- I use iBooks for our listen to reading centers. I made several iBooks with all my books on CD and imported them via Dropbox to all the kids iPads.  

Happy Weekend all.  -42 temp YIKES - stay warm everyone!!!
Mrs .I:)

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