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GET Dave Eisenmann to Your School:)!!!

Yesterday, we had Dave Eisenmann, a technology director and speaker from Minnetonka come to our school and talk to our 7-12 graders about technology, being safe and smart online, and leaving a positive digital print.  HE WAS FABULOUS!  He didn't lecture the kids, he didn't tell them they are doing dumb things and stop.  He encouraged them to continue to use the technology for positive things and outcomes.

He started out by explaining to kids that technology is like a game or slot machine; it has the addiction piece to it, which makes it hard to stop using and put it down.  We have to make a conscious effort to be present where we are, and put away the technology once in a while.

He further went on to remind the kids of the changes that are taking place and that technology is the way everything is and pretty much how everything works.  It was neat because he used polls throughout the presentation for kids to answer, and I think they were surprised by what they saw.  He asked them about the amount of time spent on technology, if they are jealous when others post things and they aren't included in it, and how their "digital" footprint is.  Here are a few of "our" statistics.

His last comments were about bullying and cyberbullying and the differences between them.  He ended by showing kids that Burger King Commercial made about bullying.  Check it out if you haven't seen it - it's pretty powerful!!!  In closing and review of his speech,  he reminded kids to
1. Find a healthy balance 2. Have clean screens 3. Positive digital footprint and 4. Use it to build others up

Dave also mentioned an app called Moment that you can install for free and it tracks your time and what you are doing on your phone.  I installed it and it's interesting to see where you might need to make improvements.
Dave went to speak at a church later that night in Fargo, and was going to talk to parents and students about a variety of things, but mostly including Raising Tech Healthy Kids.  Use the link for some great advice and resources for you as parents!!

I would HIGHLY recommend him!  We have NEVER had someone come and talk to our student body about this and IT WAS NEEDED!  Some kids rolled their eyes, yes, but many kids really enjoyed it as it served as a reminder to them of what they are doing and how their digital footprint is never really lost, so make it a positive one!  He won't be our last person to talk to our kids about this - I KNOW they hear it from parents, and if they aren't THEY SHOULD BE, but every person that talks to them hopefully helps in this "raising of our tribes" to help them grow into amazing peeps making good choices along the way:)!!!

Happy Weekend all,
Mrs. I:)


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