Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here We Go.....NOT!!!!

OH BOY HERE WE GO!!  Oh wait, no we haven't - NOTHING HAS BEEN WORKING!!!  UGH - I thought is would be OH SO simple this fall - NOT SO!!!  The following is a list of VENTS from Mrs. I:

1. Apple Configurator is updating in September - GO FIGURE, RIGHT?  Now I get it, Apple, you have to market to the business world, as unfortunately, education isn't the biggest field for you - HOWEVER - I WISH they'd keep in mind that we DO start our school year then and EVERYTHING will change now - UGH - more to come on this topic.  For now we are doing things AS USUAL, and will deal with this beast when the update comes out.  In the meantime - I will get you some links  that our "Apple Guy" sent to become familiar with some of these changes - coming soon...

2. When I DID start hooking up the iPad minis to Apple Configurator - it WOULD NOT recognize them - NO!!!!!!!  So - I was able to do like 5-6 at a time - when you have 900+ to do - this is NOT an option so I sat with Apple today and talked to them for about an hour - GO FIGURE!  ALL WORKED!  Well, not really, as some still said they couldn't prepare as there was "firmware" that wasn't allowing - but once I manually put them into "restore" mode, they worked.

3. TAKING FOREVER!  I DO NOT remember them taking this long last year - again, NO!!!!  Oh well - I have ten days to get done with 7-12 and I have ONE grade done - PRAY FOR ME!!!!

With ALL that being said - it will be FINE - I know that, BUT frustrating as HECK!!!  OH WELL - PLUS it's a GAJILLION degrees in here - I know that's not a word - and quit complaining, right - DONE:)!!!

Here we go - OFF WITH A BANG, right - why would it ALL work - has to be SOME glitches!!
Take care all - and will continue posting - YOU KEEP PRAYING
Mrs. I:)

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