Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Monster Physics Apps - OH MY:)!

I HAVE to share this app if I haven't done so yet - and I don't think I have.  Four years ago we had a teacher, Mr. Cox, that wanted the app Monster Physics.  He was the STEM teacher, and he used it in a variety of ways to show and create physic related items.  After he left - SO SO SAD!!!:( - the 6th grade teachers decided to not have it anymore.  Since I had these redemption codes, I asked the 5th grade teachers if THEY would like it on their student iPads and they said sure.  My son is a 5th grader in Mrs. Askegaard's class and he is ABSOLUTELY ADDICTED to it!  I mean who wouldn't be?  The idea is to create cars, catapults, levels, pulleys, etc.. all physics related.  He is in LOVE with claw machines - you know the ones where you pay like $1.00 and you drop a claw down and try to win a disgusting stuffed animal or cheap rubber ball - yes those:)!  Well, he developed his OWN on the app - take a look:

At first this might seem quite simple - BUT - he really had to trial and error here.  At first his beams were way too short as the claw wouldn't fit, and then the angle he hung the clasp wouldn't open fully, so he had to adjust that.  This SIMPLE machine really had him thinking for quite a few days, and even now he is adjusting it with what he puts INSIDE the game to grab - LOVE IT:)!!

This app is $1.99 but DOES fall under volume purchasing for schools, so for the $.99 it's worth it.
Happy Night all -
Mrs. I:)

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