Monday, April 11, 2016

Coding with 5th Graders:)

Casey and I have been going into the 5th grade classrooms and coding.  They are LOVING it!  Here is a low down of what we have done over a six day cycle:

Day 1 - Programming without computers using Sports Stacks Cups and the Thinkersmith lesson idea:) You can download the full PDF lesson plan at the site:)

Day 2 - Programming without computers using graph paper and commands - here is the link for this one:) Again, you can download the full PDF on the site
Day 3 - finished graph paper programming and showed the Box Island App - LOVED IT:)!!

Day 4 - Tynker app and Lightbot App - the kids really liked both of them:)!!

Day 5 - More Tynker and Hopscotch - introduce Scratch Jr.

Day 6 - Scratch Jr. App - allows you to do just about ANYTHING.  It's a blank canvas and the kiddos choose what they want the characters to do and where.

I must say that the kids were SO SO engaged!  They were NOT afraid to ask for help now were they afraid to offer help to ANYONE that needed it!  It was SUPER neat!  Knowing what I know now, I would TOTALLY start a before school/after school program next year.  This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that SO many students need in their lives - they just ROCK IT:)!!! Often times it's these kids that are not GREAT at school, but they are GREAT at coding and will have opportunity after opportunity if just given the chance to show their his/her talents:)

Happy Monday all
Mrs. I:)

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