Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teachers Partake in Breakout EDU

This past week we had our CPT (Common Planning Time) on Friday so our district has a two hour late start.  We decided this would be a PERFECT opportunity to expose the teachers to their FIRST Breakout EDU session.  The teachers were split into two teams of 13, and two classrooms were set up for a session.  They each had 45 minutes to "solve" the challenge give to them.  Mrs. Gross did the "Decoding the War" session, which dealt with the codes that they used during the Nazi Regime and World War II,  and I did "The Mighty Pen" session, which focused on artists and painters leaving their mark on things.  The teachers were SO engaged and cooperative - it was AWESOME!!  They worked collaboratively and quite diligently to solve the puzzle using the clues provided - it was FUN:)

 Now, you KNOW that if the teachers were engaged, your students WILL BE!  Mrs. Gross did the "Unlocking Shakespeare" session with all three sections of her ninth graders and they, too, loved it!  When you go to the link - you will be prompted to sign up as a "beta" class - which will give you access to ALL the resources needed, videos and digital documents for the games on Google Docs, etc... HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE:)

Happy week all
Mrs. I:)

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