Thursday, December 1, 2016

GoGuardian for Chromebooks

Here is Barnesville, we are iPads 1:1.  We are now fully implemented into JAMF Nation and JSS software, and have started playing with Apple Classroom.  WE ARE IN LOVE WITH IT! Well, don't get me wrong - there are glitches that we are having to work through before we ALL go live with it.  Currently I have Mrs. Askegaard at the elementary school, and Mr. Strand at the high school, using it with their classes.  However, GoGuardian offers the SAME thing for Chromebooks.  In a nutshell it basically gives you access to every student's technology device. You can see what each student is using his/her device for instantaneously. You can even see what they are doing at home if you chose to, as it generates reports for every website/app used and the time the kiddos used it. Another thing that is super awesome is you can push out a website that you want every kid to be on, but don't want them to take all day to type in the correct URL, with a single click.

 Activity timelines and live screen views are super neat.  I have a friend that uses it in the Minneapolis area and just loves it!  He is able to track immediately where kiddos are, and redirect as needed!

Happy Thursday all,
Mrs. I:)

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