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TIES 2016 ALWAYS a Success:)!!!!

I KNOW that this is hodgepodge, but here are my notes from the TIES 2016 conference in Minnesota that I attended last week!  It was amazing as always, and my focus this year was on coding and maker space.  However, PLEASE check out the link as all the presenters have their information uploaded to the site.  They only keep it up for a month or so - so make sure you take advantage while you can!

Session I - Computer Science: Kids Can Code:
*2007 iPod touch came out taught in classroom with set of iPod Touches
*started creating and having kids make videos and recording voices, etc
*”My Unfair Advantage” we had them and I used them
*Move from simply interacting to creating games and technology
Why can’t computer science be taught to ALL our students technology is our future
STEM problem a lot of people going into STEM field but NOT computer science
         -What is it?  How do I get students doing it? 
         -Twitter Google YouTube how are you bringing coding to                           classrooms?
Minnesota Rockstars Melanie Olson Doug Paulson Jessica Cabeen

Angie Kalthoff software engineer TED talk
 *creating, learning about how things work, coding, etc
*80% have no idea what computer science even is how do we improve this

Hour of Code C is for all few options here (Twitter feeds)

We don’t teach kids to code so everyone can be a professional coder just like we don’t teach writing for everyone to become writers.

Hadi Partov TED Talk created check for workshops on this 
Scratch Code Savy CS First University of Northern Iowa (6 week guided course) block based programming
EDX Introduction to Computer Science at Harvard
JavaScript typing the code
Bloxels computations thinking use little cubes to build entire computer game integrate with writing
Pair programming two people sharing one device YouTube on
-driver and navigator driver touches the device navigator shares advice
Block based programming -
Computer Science for All Obama - #CSforALL
--VERY heavily dominated by men
Tampon Run two high school girls created it TED Talk

How does this work with Standards DASH and DOT

*Blue Bot
*Sphero 4th Grade
*Dash and Dot Wonder Pack 2nd Grade
*Wood bot 1st Grade
*Ozo bots 3rd grade code with markers
*Rasperry Pi 5th Grade

LSTA Grant check it out!!!

Story books Hello Ruby  - we Were Engineers
Work on Flappy code create game share on Twitter hashtag with TIES2016 -

Session II Coding and Robots in Classroom
ALL of these offer coding and work with robots for classrooms and kiddos::
Sphero use extra pieces of gutters (ask Jed), and use as tracks
-find time for this
Dash & Dot
Blue Robot
Ollie -
mBot robot kits
Ozobot -

Session III -Google Apps 45 - Mark Garrison:
Platform Encourages Growth Mindset
The Creativity Spectrum Nothing Something Excellence
(keep is moving and don’t be afraid to make a mistake?)
-“What’s your UNFAIR advantage!”
-centrally integrated into the 4Cs look Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking White Bear Lake based all on this!
-G Suite Learning to go Paperless Schoology SeeSaw app -
-turn on two factor authentication talk to Casey about it!!!

Technology IS NOT the right fit for every task!!!

G Suite Updates check this!!!
Shift z Google Drive cross file the document in two different places!!!
Shortcuts control T new tab control shift T last tabs open
Bottom left corner says EXPLORE reframes how things look might want to lay it out different then kiddos can focus on content and not look of it
Mobile Friendly can edit decks here easily

Easier Research -
Table of Contents use for cross referencing -
Find and Replace control + f

Click on Explore and it graphs your data for you!!!

Technology in the Classroom before student teaching
PechaKucha Night (20x20) you get 20 slides with 20 second a piece file publish to the web auto advance slides paste link change the 10000 to 20000 to get 20 seconds etc
Page set up can customize any size

Choose Your Own Adventure Story check our Tony Vincent on TIES site
Morning check in what you want to learn today what you need help with lunch, etc
Have students create forms create quizzes about me, or Harry Potter, etc..

Gmail tricks that will transform you way to sort and filter inbox
Lifewire has 50 most popular tips

Change your bad habits
Google Goals new year’s resolution type in what your goal is and it will find space on your calendar and add to it it will check in with you -

Google PhotoScan scan all your photos and have them digital in instants!!! Use this for student art work!!!
Chromecast a Slideshow ($25) with Google Photos sync phone to Chromecast

Get connected with someone somewhere else live stream great for collaboration hang out and chat

Drawing has application but try designing in slides

Awesome note taking app with voice recognition

1:1 Chromebooks

Twitter Emoji Inquiry some emoji @google

Session IV: Middle Schools Girls Only Coding Clubs:
Julie Brentwood Scottsdale, AZ - Rancho Solano Preparatory School -
Vowed to bring MN to AZ as they ranked low in public schools group of middle schools wanted to start a coding club

-clubs are within the school day student designed and student led
-meet once a week student led they determine mission and teacher provides materials, guidance and supervision

CPT can kids come in and plan accordingly?

Angry Birds, Flappy Birds, Scratch
Google “Sketch Up”
Just Dance Now cell phone app
“Python Turtle”
 HTM:/CSS/JavaScript “Robot Project” - click online and then dash
PHP Ruby

Session V: Making a Makerspace Christina Lindstrom and Charlie Beck

Definition: Makerspaces combine equipment, community and education to increase opportunities for students to interact with tools in the areas of robotics, computational thinking electronics and more -

LSTA Grant this was where they go their funding

Supplies you don’t need SPACE you need STORAGE:
Legoes                           crayons/markers             Sphero        
Cardboard                       coloring books                  Dash and Dot
Makey Makey                  puzzles                           Little Bits
squishy circuits                play doh                          Google Cardboard
Raspberry Pi                   Ozobot                           Lego Mindstorms
3D printer                      3Doodlers                      Adafruit Flora
Leap Motion                                                                         

Rationale?  Access to these tools and available to ALL students not just specific to a class!!  Engage in hands on, problem and critical thinking tools!

Wanted CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS - building thinkers and kids that can figure things out.  I want someone that can go in and figure it out our education systems don’t know how to teach these skills learning from failure- think through ask really good questions. Google wants kids that have real experience solving problems they don’t look for kids with high grades anymore!

Design Process State the problem, Generate ideas, select a solution, build the item, evaluate, present results

7th grade reading Sample class Used LittleBits “I am the boss, and you are working for me!  But you have to prove you’re worthy”
-build your first circuit have two minutes!
-Get to know your equipment have 5 minutes to figure out everything in the box and what it does!
-Your assignment client wants a custom door bell made you have to make it better than the ones we see out there what COULD be better what don’t you enjoy? Cardboard, piles of junk hole punches, markers, paper, etc..
-Doorbell must alert owner visitor is there, must be remote, look nice
-one set of little bits, choose 5 items from pile, make sure everyone is involved, try not to be super annoying
-make a plan, try stuff out, test it several times, get ideas from everyone in group, THINK
-10 minutes of work time about and then your client is hearing impaired, so how will you change your plans
-one more change person delivering can’t put down boxes so have to be able to interact from outside

Balance both tinkering and challenging Nurture Creative Confidence!
Retain Physical Acuity the hand informs the brain so need hands on materials
Design Challenges no right of wrong answer, just goal in mind
Design don’t tell them exactly what to do with the tools let them explore and think and figure things out
Guidelines for making students decide how best to think and work rules without it being rules (goals) 1. Speak up 2. Fail big 3. Share often 4. Expect the unexpected 5. No bad ideas 6. No experts 7. Collaborate often 8. Stumbling is important 9. Try everything twice 10. Be inspired by adversity

Recruit Diversity who is NOT using Makerspace? Make connections with teachers can we have this 2-3 times a week 8th hours?

Facilitators you can never have TOO many I don’t want to have ownership of it only Susie? Community Experts volunteer hours?

Community Nights have the kiddos share and explore with parents and community members

Resources look on website/presentation page to download this

Again-  sorry about the MESS - it was one again SO SO worth it:)!!
Happy Week all,
Mrs. I:)

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