Monday, March 6, 2017

More Viruses Out There - BACK UP YOUR STUFF:)!!!!

Casey, our technology coordinator for our district, sent out the following message this morning:

"Just wanted to give everybody a heads up on a new virus that's making its rounds. It's called Trumps Locker and it wants to encrypt the files on our PCs and charge a fee to get a key to unlock them.

These threats are only going to get worse. PLEASE - keep making wise choices on emails that come into your account. Store valuable files on external hard drives. Use Google Drive for files. Every teacher has a FREE unlimited storage amount tied to their email account. I will try and do staff training on this option. No matter how much protection we have in place, one bad virus can wipe things out. The more I've researched and talked to others the scarier these threats have become. MANY MANY schools have been hit by a ransom type virus. It's going to keep getting worse so we all need to work together. Never hesitate to call Cary, Holly or I if you have a question or something just doesn't seem right."

Just a HUGE REMINDER - BACK UP YOUR FILES!!  Whether it's through Google Drive, DropBox or an external hard drive - DO IT PLEASE!!!!

That is all,
Mrs. I:)

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