Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Technology Share Day

Last Friday was CPT (Common Planning Time) for us, which means a two-hour late start.  The time is then spent on learning new things, collaboration, or whatever deems fitting for the time of year as seen as a need.  Last month's CPT we had a speaker for part of the time, which turned into the whole time - but he was WONDERFUL so needed indeed.  The second part of last's month CPT was supposed to be spent on tech sharing, but since we didn't get a chance to, we did it THIS month.  The following things were shared during this time:

1.  Mr. Schmitt, one of the Science teachers here, shared THIS PDF that he learned about and discovered at TIES.  I DO NOT remember the session, so my apologies as Mr. Schmitt didn't make this, but I thought it was worthy of sharing.  It was found on Learning in Hand  it's a pretty cool infographic.  The author on the website also gave it a Creative Commons license, so feel free to share it and photocopy it or print and post it - THANK YOU AS ALWAYS FOR THIS:)!!

2.  Mrs. Gross, an English teacher here, shared online blogging and the importance of writing digitally.  Her 9th grade students and media/journalism students all keep a blog.  What they write about is up to them, as they choose a topic and name the blog at the beginning of the year and continue writing on that topic as the year goes on.  She has them use Google + for their blog, since they all have Google accounts and access to it, and that way it is somewhat "controlled and safer."

3. Mr. Meyer, a health/physical education teacher shared how to use videos to support curriculum in your classroom.  He went to Andi Bodeau's session on YouTube.  She shared this link as her presentation.  She talked about challenges in using videos as there is so much content out there - here were her basic suggestions:

Challenge #1 - Curate Content
*Subscribe to 10 channels that you can use in your classroom
*Create a list and add 5 videos to the list

Challenge #2 - Create Content
*Find a video and make it interactive
*Add 3 questions to the video

PlayPosIt is GREAT!  You can take ANY YouTube video that you like - pause it, embed questions, comments, etc.. for students to learn as they go and then continue the video.  It really is a great one if you haven't checked it out yet, do so:)

Happy Tuesday all - hard to believe April 1 is ALMOST HERE - UGH! 
Where does time go - have a great one -
Mrs. I:)

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