Monday, June 24, 2013

AirPrinters BABY:-)!!!

  Ok, so a friend and paraprofessional at the school, Mrs. Bredman,  JUST called me to come and see if I could get her Wireless HP printer to print using her iPad.  I finally had to hang up and say, "I'll be right there!"  As if THAT was the answer -  not sure but I KNEW I could figure it out - right??!!  Once there I STILL couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong - the IP address was correct - I printed a diagnostic page and ALL was perfect!  DUH OBVIOUS - you have to have an AirPrinter or a converter for these capabilities to print from your iPad:)!!  You CAN you things like an HP ePrint App which I told her to TRY as it's free, and maybe would work - but not sure the outcome yet.  Also - there is also a converting device you can buy, not sure the name - I'll get back to you on that - that we learned about at TIES.  We actually bought one, but you can only have ONE network on it - and since we have both a Student and Staff network - Casey is trying to figure a way around it.  It allows you to print to ANY wireless printer - which would be GREAT at school as you wouldn't have to buy Air Printers:)!  It only cost about $150 so worth if it Casey can do his magic!

Hopefully Mrs. Bredman is having luck with that HP app - we'll see!
Happy Summer and Monday,
Mrs. I:)

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