Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Summer:)!

WOW!!  This is the FIRST time that I have sat down and actually LOOKED and USED my Macbook since the last day of school - I AM able to function without it - well momentarily anyway!:-)  Just giving you a little bit of an agenda as far as MY summer goes and what I hope to accomplish:

1.  All apps will need to be updated before putting them on the iPads - probably not going to do this until August - or right before we put the apps on as you know that updates come out ALL the time

2.  Some teachers have given me material to make QR codes for them - LOVE THEM REMEMBER:)!!  I am SO excited about these - haven't started yet, but a project that needs to get done!

3. Mrs. Gross, an English teacher, and I are going to create a digital textbook on English basics - kind of a resource for her 12th Grade English class.  We haven't started this yet either (common theme here;) but will as we are going to try to have a GOOD chunk done before the end of June.

4. Schoology, Schoology, Schoology - this I have to learn IN AND OUT!!  I have played SOME, but there is SO much to do and SO much to learn - excited about that;)

5.  Plans to roll out iPads next fall = I think we are going to do it similar to the way we did this year, but instead of going over iPad basics at the meeting - we will be showing parents and students how to access and use Schoology.  Again, we will have different sessions to attend and all must attend as we will also do paper work and check out iPads at this time.

Well - that seems like a HUGE 5 things to accomplish - hopefully all will get done:)!  I will DO MY BEST to try and blog a couple times a week from NOW ON - needed a little mental break like all of you I am sure!

Happy Learning - KEEP AT IT
Mrs. I:)

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