Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MOVE 21 Rotation

    Good Morning everyone:)!!  I apologize for NOT getting something posted last week - wow - where does the time go??  School goes FAST but summer SO much FASTER:)!!  I have had a little time off that hopefully I am back and ready to start working again now (at least a "little" bit).
     A third grade teacher, Mrs. Tonsfeldt, was asking me the other day about doing a technology rotation.  When I taught 5th grade, we taught three rotations; Science, Social Studies and Art/Technology.  I taught students Word, PowerPoint, Excel, in addition to incorporating artists and pieces of work into that.  We split the quarter into thirds, and saw the students each day for an hour during those 13 days or so - then we would switch classrooms and teach the next group.  I LOVED teaching this way; not only did you have a "SOLID" chunk of time to get something done (better than that 25 minutes three times a day), but the students could also focus on ONE thing at a time and learn is sequentially for a longer period of time - LOVED LOVED it:)!!  Well, fifth grade STILL did it that way this year, with Mrs. Askegaard teaching that section of technology - they called it "MOVE 21," since that's the name of our iPad initiative - which again is GREAT:)!!  She taught the kids various things on the iPad in addition to the computers - SUPER NEAT:)!!
    So now, third grade would like to do this - which I think is SO AWESOME:)!!  Mrs. Tonsfeldt and I are going to start mapping out what she will do this year - CAN NOT WAIT:)!!  We as an elementary school are also going to be putting together a "Scope and Sequence" for lack of a better term - in regards to the iPads and what is taught at which grade level - SO NEEDED - and will make things much easier as far as expectations go!  I will be meeting with one rep from each grade level and start hashing this out next fall - I have SOME guidelines and expectations in mind - so I hope they match what the grade level teachers think, too.  When we are done with this - I will be sure to post it in the fall.  I will also work on getting next year's app lists on here with the additions!!

Happy Day everyone -
Mrs. I:)

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