Friday, April 10, 2015

One More iBook Created with iBook Author:)

  While observing Mrs. Nelson, a 6th teacher, I saw two really FUN things that she is doing with the kiddos -

1.  Kahoot - I am not sure if I have mentioned this site - but CHECK IT OUT!!  She was doing a review for science and gave them a quick informative assessment from the lesson the day before.  The kids were EXCITED, ENGAGED, and EAGER to see how they did.  It was SO great!  Kahoot is simply a website where you create a free account and you write little quizzes for kiddos to do.  They then log into the site with the quiz number and BAM - Ready. To. GO!

2.  The OTHER thing that she did that I had NO NO idea she had done, was create a digital textbook using iBooks Author - LOVED IT!  She makes an iBook for each chapter or related standards that she has to teach and then the kids use THIS instead of the bulky book where they only cover certain topics - GENIUS:)!  She can embed video, interactive links, photo galleries, etc.. into ONE place for kids to see and use - SO NEAT.  Below are a few screen shots....

  The BEST part about iBooks are that it allows kids to take notes, highlight, define words, etc.. in ONE place.   They don't have to jump around using different apps, etc.. to do this with. 

Well, Happy Friday to you all - get outside as it's supposed to be great this weekend - YAHOO:)
Mrs. I:)

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