Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's Been Happening:)!!

  Sorry again for not posting in a while - seem SO busy - yet seem to get NOTHING accomplished - ever feel that way?:)  We have been meeting GALORE regarding next year and what exactly to do.  As of now here is what we're looking into:

1. Sell the iPads that we currently have to a MN company and then buy iPad Airs again through Apple directly
2. Get iPad Minis for our K-2 or K-3, since this will save us so money to offset the cost of buying new through Apple
3. Possibly get 32MG iPads for 10-12 as they tend to need a little more storage; especially with band and choir students
4. Keep Macbook Pros that we currently HAVE as teachers really want them to stay:)

NOW - with all that being said is that what we will FOR SURE DO - WHO KNOWS???:-)  But that is what we are recommending to the Finance Committee tonight so I will update tomorrow on what was actually decided or what is going to go to the board again for final approval.

We STILL plan on using Apple Configurator to deploy iPads and apps as it has been working for us now and we know how to do all the pieces of it.  If we HAVE to go to a "wireless" MDM, we will cross that path once we get there.  However, knowing HOW to configure apps and iPads was a HUGE learning curve for us, so we aren't going to change that now!

As things evolve, I will continue to update you of progress, but right now that was the latest that was talked about;)!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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