Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trojan Turf - Online Newspaper

  I MUST SHARE:)!!  We are now in our THIRD week of publishing our school newspaper.  CHECK IT OUT!  It's called The Trojan Turf and it really is SO SO NEAT!!  Mrs. Gross, and English teacher here, has a Media/Journalism class that she teaches here.  Each kid in her class has a blog that they need to write on every other week, but they also have to write every other week for the paper.  Whether it's student life, sports, news, or meet the teacher, once the article is written, they have to turn it into one of the four editors.  They fix major mistakes, and send back to the write for one more revision.  Once completed, students send them to me, along with a picture, and a student then uploads them all to the SNO website that we have bought for publication.  It has REALLY been a great experience for the kiddos!  Next year it will be a year long course, pending enough students take it!  Every Monday the new publication comes out - pretty cool!

Happy Tuesday to ya'll
Mrs. I:)

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