Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Have NEVER Seen This.........

The past four years I have been in charge of the iPads here in Barnesville.  My role is one of integration, as well as knowing the majority of the apps and how they function.  Occasionally I will go into classrooms to teach an app, help with teachers, and do coding.  Broken iPads have crossed my hands indeed, but NOTHING like this.  You see, there's a "NEW" thing here to do that's frustrating.  Kiddos are taking the cover off their iPad, ripping the plastic screen off, and then putting the cover BACK on so basically their iPad has ZERO protection on the screen - UGH!  MOST of the time I catch them, and if they have ruined the case, they pay the $35 for a new case and then we take care of the issue.  However, yesterday a kiddo came in with his iPad like this:

NOW - how do you handle this one?  Well, I didn't handle it well! A kiddo walked into my office and showed me his iPad and said he accidentally did this.  I told the kid that I was PRETTY sure it wasn't an accident when you PURPOSELY take off your case, and then proceed to rip off the plastic piece that protects your iPad, and that he is going to have to pay the ENTIRE cost of a new iPad or the ENTIRE cost to replace what needs to be fixed in addition to the cost of the case - we're talking $400 at WORST - and $250 at BEST.  Apparently he took the plastic piece off because he couldn't write, and then just kept it off.  He then decided to chuck his iPad in the backseat floor of his car and a friend stepped on it - my fault apparently - as he doesn't see how this is possibly not an accident - UGH! 


THIS student brought her iPad in and said she has NO IDEA how this happened!  Again, I have seen enough to know how MOST iPads typically break or get cracked, and she neglected to remember this.  She told me that she set her iPad on her desk and then was doing homework on paper.  When she picked up the iPad it has the crack in it.  She also mentioned that possibly the change in temperature from the science room to the health room could have also caused the crack.  My only response was, "That's NOT what happened.  Please leave your iPad here, think about "HOW" this crack happened, and then come back and let me know."

AGAIN - this is even CLOSE to the one without the case on, but you can clearly see the point of impact on the iPad, whether is was dropped, or hit the corner of something, temperature change and pure magic DID NOT cause this - UGH!

I am seriously LAUGHING OUT LOUD as I type this as these kiddos are just TWO examples of what I hear almost DAILY - OH WOW! 

Happy Wednesday all
Mrs. I:)

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