Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Down Another Year......

Well, the 2015-16 school year is almost in the books.  Once again I have started to do the typical end of the year things:

1. I sent out a note to the teachers to let them know app lists are due today.  If they don't get back to me I assume that they want all the ones from the previous year.  If NOT, I adjust accordingly.  If the teachers want a NEW app, they have to fill out this form (THANK YOU Kathy Schrock), and then we add it to our technology budget. (I will update once again this spring or fall on the blog)

2.  Teachers have been notified as to when student iPads will be collected.  The week before I will collect Kindergarten-6th grade (two grade levels per day), and then depending on when finals are, the 7-12th graders will turn theirs in.  I, along with some amazing student helpers at the high school, will clean ALL iPads in Kindergarten-2nd grade.  The 3-12th graders will come in and clean them themselves.  We have a water based cleaner for the cases and screens, and the will wash all and then put their iPads back together.  I then stack them in grade levels (once I have pulled and redeemed all codes back again) and store in the lab for the summer.

3. Websites - THIS has been a challenging issue of the last couple of years.  JUST because a teacher uses a website, DOES NOT mean it's technology's responsibility to pay for the paid version.  Through the diligent work of Casey, our tech coordinator, and teachers combined, we have been able to find a way to get MANY of these websites without it coming out of the much needed technology budget.

4. Typical End of Year Tasks - Casey has also sent out a not for an technology requests that teachers have that are NOT iPad related.  Things like new Smartboards, projectors, desktop computers, Apple TVs, cables, monitors, etc.... We have had a TON of requests - which is always promising as things are probably working then:)

That's all for now!  Hopefully things will continue to go at a smooth rate and the end of this year will work out great!
Happy Tuesday
Mrs. I:)

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