Thursday, May 5, 2016

NoRedInk - CHECK IT OUT!!!

SO - Mrs. Gross, an English teacher here, learned about the site NoRedInk at TIES a few years ago.  She told me about it then, but I had learned many other things I wanted to check out first, so I book marked it and moved on to what I had seen and we both put it on the back burner.  Well, she "rediscovered" it a few days ago and IS. LOVING. IT!!!  In a nutshell, NoRedInk is a website that has grammar practice on it for kids - BUT - it uses things they're interested in for the questions asked.  For instance,  I selected Harry Potter, Phineas and Ferb, and The Fault in Our Stars as my "topics," so everything that I am reading and answering has these characters in it - DYING HERE AND BIG SMILING EMOJI:)!!  Look at these screen shots to get an idea:

I am STILL totally LAUGHING! OUT! LOUD! as I type this- good humor for a Thursday:)  Basically like EVERY great website, they give you "teasers" for free and then have a charge for you.  We were FLAT OUT turned down as we are a "smaller" district and you have to have at least 200 students to get the paid version, and we're pursuing it and bugging them because it's AWESOME!  Basically you go in, set up a free account where you get an access code, then you can differentiate where you want, assign assignments, etc... pretty cool way to review/learn grammar:)!  Here's a few screenshots of what is there to choose from - remember this is a free account so it's going to have limited topics for each area - but you get the idea:
OOPS forgot one of the AMAZING features, when doing the practice - it also provides a lesson for each topic so if the kiddos forgot what a specific topic means, or is unclear about something, etc... they can quickly have a reminder:

Happy Thursday all -
Mrs. I:)

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