Thursday, November 3, 2016

Frustrations Today:)!

I understand the ever changing world of technology, it's what I do daily.  I hear the complaints daily, I get the concerns, and I put out fires EVERY day, but here are a few things that I am frustrated about TODAY:) -

1. Tech Support - EVERYONE should have the ability to escalate cases - Can they PLEASE know what they are doing.  I am calling them because I NEED HELP!  I have already Googled, call someone I know and YouTubed a possible answer because I am that way.  So when I call tech support, I have TRIED things that most wouldn't know what to do - because they forget about Google and YouTube, or maybe don't have connections in the field.  However, PLEASE don't put me on the phone with someone that DOESN'T know what they are doing.  I want my case escalated right away, and I tell them that, don't waste 20 minutes of MY time walking me through things I have ALREADY TRIED - UGH!!

2. New Products - SUPPORT THEM - Casey JUST put up new Smart Televisions.  They are NOT Smart Product, but they work with SmartNotebook as our teachers have invested a TON of time in their Notebook files, so we want to make sure everything is compatible.  However, once they were installed (three total) ONE of them doesn't have touch recognition - it DID last night, so why not today?  Well, Casey calls tech support to solve the problem and the person he talks to has NO idea why it's not working and can't even offer a solution.  However, he calls back and then gets a person that can help a little but not completely.  If you are going to offer new products, you BETTER have people that have the answers and support for them as well.

3. Apple Manager - We have JAMF here as our MDM to manage our iPads.  One of the reasons we CHOSE this was the ability to use Apple Classroom where teachers can control student iPads on an even smaller scale.  When you go to Apple Manager, which is where I have to upload our files, they offer templates that are pretty basic - I input data, upload the files and it SHOULD work.  The problem is, they aren't.  Again, I have sat on the phone with Apple walking through this and it's NOT WORKING!  So I will once again call them and see what's going on; but today I need a mental break from THAT.  They say I am missing buttons on the Apple Manager page, but not sure why?  UGH - frustrations galore today!

OK I AM DONE!  THANK YOU FOR THE VENT!  I will try again tomorrow - as you can see I have been trying to put out a forest fire with a few plastic pails here - EPIC FAIL! 
Maybe tomorrow.......

Have a great night all
Mrs. I:)

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