Monday, November 28, 2016

ReThink App - WOW!!!

My nephew shared this app with me - and it was SO POWERFUL that I thought I better blog about it!  Cyberbullying is happening EVERYWHERE - this is nothing new for any of us in the world of technology.  What kids have to deal with nowadays is tough to say the least.  They can't escape the mean comments and remarks made to them because they constantly have a device in their hands and immediate access to EVERYTHING.  Trisha Pabhu, a 14 year old girl from Illinois, has create a GEM!  She was SO touched by and tired of hearing about the story of Rebecca Sedwick, that she finally started doing something about it!  She created an app called ReThink!   This app is a keyboard extension that you download.  Anytime that you are using your keyboard, it tracks what you are typing as it has "hurtful" words in it's bank.  When a word comes up that is hurtful or damaging (and it CAN differentiate between "I hate Chicago," and "I hate Holly."), a little box pops up and says "Would you like to pause and ReThink before you send this?"  You have the option to clear it - but you also have the option to send it!  However - the point is that you DO ReThink about it with that message box - it's awesome!! 

This is directly from the ReThink website:  "Research has found that with ReThink, adolescents change their mind 93% of the time and decide not to post an offensive message on social media."  That is AMAZING!   I am TOTALLY going to talk to our administration about THIS one and push it to ALL our kiddos - WORTH IT!!!

Share with one with EVERYONE you know!  Install this baby on YOUR phone, your KIDDOS' phones, EVERYONE should have this gem!!!  WAY TO DO TRISHA!!  Here is a link to some of the things that she is doing and the videos and TEDTalk that she gave - ENJOY:)!!

Happy Monday all
Mrs. I:)

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