Thursday, November 17, 2016


When I first took this job - the ONE thing that I was excited about was the flexibility and the NOT having to be accountable for little ones and their "stuff."  I mean everything from parent complaints, to manners, to tying shoes, to cleaning desks - everything!  However, as I sit here subbing today, as they were short because our football team and coaches are headed to play at US Bank Stadium - WHOOP WHOOP! - I realized that I DO indeed miss kiddos and the classroom!  I have had the chance to sit and chat with these kiddos and really am enjoying myself.  Too often in the role I play I am putting out fires and "punishing" kiddos for things they shouldn't be doing on their iPads - often missing the things they are doing that are super GREAT on them! 

I miss kids like THIS - he JUST emailed me this and asked me to please remove these apps as they are taking up storage and he doesn't need them anymore.  HOWEVER - it's the comments he has on the sides that KILL ME and make me miss the kids:)!!

I SERIOUSLY started laughing out loud when he sent me this - kids are kids - regardless of what many say about these 21st Century Learners.  They are demanding and entitled, yes, but they are STILL kiddos!!

Happy Weekend all - off to US BANK today to cheer on our football team at state - GO TROJANS!!
Mrs. I:)

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