Monday, November 7, 2016

Microsoft Word Practice

Mrs. Askegaard, a fifth grade teacher here, asked me to see if I could find some resources to teach Microsoft Word and word processing.  This is ONE skill that I really feel kids are in DESPERATE need of, and we don't do a great job here.  We have a class that students have to take at some point in grades 9-12, but they can take it any of those four years - so really, when they are seniors, they take a class on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, when they SHOULD be taking it before so they can USE those skills all through high school (again, just MY opinion here).  We have tried to add things here, as years ago we cut a business teacher, so this is the option that Mr. Askegaard, our business teacher, can teach, as he also has other classes that need to be offered.  So until then, we are trying to find more ways to incorporate keyboarding and Microsoft Word into grades and classes.  Fifth Grade doing more will help, which is why Mrs. Askegaard is looking for some things. 
Here is what I have found so far:

St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium has some really great resources on this page.  These are free and available to anyone to enhance his/her skills.

Teachers Pay Teachers is always an AMAZING site to use - some of the ideas have to be bought, but some are also free.  Here are some I liked and was willing to buy:

Applied Educational Systems also created some online tutorials and lessons that help students better understand Microsoft Word and keyboarding.  

Those are just a TASTE of things available for you.  The idea that she really wanted was for kids to have to type and USE the formatting options, as well as taking an already created document and fixing and editing it.  Hopefully these will work for her - I thought they looked good!

Happy Monday all
Mrs. I:)

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