Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  I KNEW it was going to happen - but my heart did sink a little when our FIRST broken screen came through my door:(!!!  However - when two more happened about 72 hours later - I was bummed!  This IS part of the deal, I understand, and all were simple accidental incidences - nonetheless I was maybe thinking "Hey, we might not even break a screen this year."  Wishful thinking indeed.  So with these three, we have had to replace a total of 6 iPads since September.  One wouldn't charge, one wouldn't rotate, and the other one the home button was so sticky and not always working properly - all those Apple claimed as "defective," so we simply returned them and they sent us replacement iPads.  These, however, aren't going to be the same deal!  Since we have screens that need replacement we are going to send them to different locations, one being Apple, and the other two local businesses, and compare cost and work done to see what is going to be the best deal.  That is going to be project 101 tomorrow when I head to work in the morning! 

   Here is the screen that has some simple hairline cracks in it - hard to see - but not too bad.

    This one was dropped and landed on a table corner - hitting the screen - which is no wonder as to why the screen cracked.

  This last one again was dropped and landed screen down on tile - ouch!

     All in all we are only considering three iPads here so far - and we KNEW it was going to happen and I know there will be more!  Luckily we had replacement ones in the back for me to configure so each child received another one to continue using in his/her classroom.  There WILL be more - and accidents DO happen - but maybe these three will be it - WHO KNOWS????

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