Monday, October 29, 2012

Physics Class

    I thought I would post a few pictures of our kids working on projects in Physics class.  Mr. Goering is the teacher, and he uses two apps in particular - Data Analysis and Coach My Video.  The pictures are of kids using the Data Analysis app where they are tracking data and creating graphs.  The Coach My Video app he uses for kids to watch frame by frame video and kids then can input the change in position and time into Data Analysis to also create graphs! 
    Coach My Video and Data Analysis are both FREE apps that the kids in his class all have.  Actually, the kids in our entire district have the Coach My Video app to use for various content areas.  Mr. Goering just wanted an app that allowed kids to see the frame by frame video option, and this app is also simple to use.
   He also has his Chemistry and Physics classes use their iPads for note taking and their textbooks.  He emails them PDF files for them to open in iBooks to view their textbook with.  For his robotics kids, he uses Dropbox - which is a free app - that allows you to store information from various devices into one place.  You can access this information from any device that you would like to use.  The writer of his robotics team was then able to grab and compile all the information without using multiple places to find everything needed!

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