Thursday, October 25, 2012

Distribution Days!!!

      We chose nine different days starting the end of July and continuing into the first two weeks in August for students to sign up to come and get their iPads.  Each session was roughly an hour and a half long, with students filling our the paper work needed, paying the insurance fee of $50, and then going through a 30 minute talk on the policies, rules and iPad basics.  Each session was run smoothly, and we had over 90% of the students come during this time to receive his/her iPad.  Those that couldn't attend one of the nights, set up times to meet with building principals to go through the same information.  One thing about the insurance fee; if students were unable to pay the entire amount at one time, they were able to set up a payment plan to accommodate them.  Families that qualified for free and reduced lunch were also given a reduction in this fee as well. 
    The distribution days looked like this...........
1. Students came in and found their stand that was color coded for grade levels and labeled with their initials on it
2. Their grade specific iPad was handed out with the index card on that showed the serial number and Destiny Quest number for checking out easily
3. Parents and students filled out the proper paper work and met in a room privately with a school secretary to pay or set up payment for the insurance fee
4. Students and parents were ushered to the new gym to listen to the rules, policies and iPad basic
5. Students were able to bring their iPads home until school started

THIS WAS HUGE!!!  Many of our students didn't have an iPad and not all of them an iPod Touch either.  This two week period before school started allowed the adequate time to become affiliated with the functions of and use of the iPad.  Many students already knew what most of the apps did when school started, which helped quite a bit for the learning curve.

This is what the set up was like:

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