Friday, October 26, 2012

Picture App List.....

     I thought that you might like to "see" the apps that we have purchased for the 2012-13 school year!  We set aside roughly $20,000 this year to spend on apps and have done a GREAT job spending this:)!!!  To date we have redeemed $18,200 worth of Apple vouchers.  Now keep in mind that Pages, Keynote, and Garageband were a HUGE bulk of this money - and each grade level submitted app requests.  We then put together an App Committee consisting of teachers from both buildings and administration along with the technology people to decide how much money to allow for each grade level.  We considered the number of students that would be needing these apps also.  All students in grades 3-12 got Pages, and all students in grades 4-12 got Keynote - so that alone was about $6200.  We also have a large number of students in band and choir, so many Garage Band licenses were needed as well.  Later I will post the ENTIRE list of apps that we have at each grade level so you can see which teachers asked for what.

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