Friday, October 26, 2012

I Can't Believe It!!

     Now, first of all, I must say that I am kind of an Apple nerd!  I have ALWAYS used Apple products, thank you Tracy B:, so the idea of our school implementing iPads and Macbooks was BEYOND exciting for me!!! Finally we jumped on board - YAHOO!  So you can imagine how pumped I was when I finally got the vouchers to spend this money on apps for our students!  I am SO nerdy - that I even took a picture of the vouchers when I got them - HOW FUN!!!  $10,000 - that's a LOT to spend;)!!!
     However, I was also SO scared to redeem these - what if I did something wrong?  What is I lost the money?  Take a peek and see how you might feel - WOW!! I obviously started with the $100 one and bought the cheapest license that I could to make sure I did this correctly!  Then I proceeded to continue buying as I felt more comfortable with the whole process!  YES I did it CORRECT - and YES it was FUN spending this kind of money - especially on APPLE PRODUCTS:)!!  YEA for Steve Jobs!!!

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