Friday, November 20, 2015

A Few Great Math and Social Studies Websites:)

    Mr. Hermes, one of our Math teachers, attended the NCTM Conference a few weeks ago and came back with some great websites I'm not sure everyone knows about.  He mentioned in his write up the following, "Some of the key points I took away was the attention span of the average person is five minutes.  What I took from this is that we have five minutes to hook them and get them vested in our lessons/discussions, or whatever we are doing for the day.  How our students brains work are changing.  A majority of our students are “gamers” so they are used to failing.  To be successful we must incorporate failing into our classrooms.  Most video games you play, you get so far, then fail.  Start over get so far, and then fail.  Start over again get so far, and then fail.  Sooner or later you figure it out."  Which I TOTALLY agree with - and he shared the following websites:

1. Sumdog - an entire website based on the idea of gaming and failing and playing some more
2. Greg Tang Math - I think I have mentioned this one before - but it is WORTH.  THE.  LOOK!  It is a great on to not only play and work Kakooma! (GOOGLE THIS ONE AS IT'S SO AMAZING), it has many things to offer in the areas of math - go check it out!

  So I totally follow this guy on Schoology.  His name is Greg Semmens and he does a Three Things on Thursdays and it is GREAT:)!!  The websites that he showed this week that I really thought were great were:

1. D-Day to Victory - this one is SO SO AMAZING!  It follows the journey from the beaches of Normandy to the siege of Berlin.  You'll LOVE LOVE IT:)!!
2.  Theban Mapping Project - an interactive map of every known tomb in the Valley of the Kings - again - really neat!

That's all for tonight - Happy weekend and I will blog next week about FRUSTRATIONS, HAPPENINGS, and THINGS THAT ARE ROLLING! Have a great one -
Mrs. I:)

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