Sunday, November 29, 2015

TIES 2015 - Do. Not. Miss. It!!!

  Every year I have the opportunity to attend THE BEST CONFERENCE; The TIES Conference in Minneapolis!  There is NOTHING worth your money more than this!  The BEST of the BEST come to Minneapolis to showcase their technology wisdom!!!  Everything from iPads, to apps, to the Four C's, to totally amazing website - you can SEE IT ALL!  I literally have to decompress each night and then again when I get home because of all the terrific things that I am exposed to.  Now - really, it's no one different from us - they just have the guts to display and show what we may of may not.  MANY of the things down there I have seen but MANY of the things I have not - THAT'S THE BEST PART - you can pick and choose which session you want to attend - walk out if it isn't what you thought - and jump in on another one you think you might like instead.  TWO DAYS OF TECHNOLOGY NERDS!!  That's right - ya'll - fellow teachers, technology specialist, media peeps and more - AMAZING!!!  If you ARE able to get down to Minneapolis - DO IT!  IT will be worth your time!

I don't know about you, but I was able to get some much needed rest and am SO ready to roll tomorrow with whatever troubles and problems might jump my way - YAHOO!!!

Take care and Happy Night all -
Mrs. I:)

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