Thursday, November 5, 2015

ClassCraft - Heard of it??

  Today, Mr. Schmitt, a science teacher here, asked about a web based program (with an app component) called ClassCraft.  I have NEVER heard of it.  So, he sent me the link and I have been doing a little "learning:)!"  The idea is that your entire class is a "ClassCraft" team where each student has a character in the game.  The students are also in a team of 3-5 that is trying to complete certain "tasks" through acting appropriately, getting homework done, volunteering, and behaviors that you WANT the students to do.  You as the admin can also take away points and values for UNWANTED behaviors such as not completely homework, acting out in class, and being disrespectful.  When they earn points they can purchase thing and power up their characters and teams.  When they do unwanted behaviors, the teacher can take away points which then demotes the characters and teams.  The whole idea is to encourage and motivate kiddos to do what they are supposed to do.  Now, I realize that it's a game, right?  But with ALL the gamification going on in EVERYTHING in our lives, and students REALLY diving into this, the concept is valid!  SO - we are going to purchase this which is ONLY $96 for the year, and have Mr. Schmitt and his 7th graders give it a go!  I think it's something worth looking at, and I will be SURE to keep you posted as he uses it to let you know what he and his students are thinking about it:)!!

Happy Thursday All,
Mrs. I:)

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