Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trojan Turf - Our School's Online Newspaper

    I can't remember if I have talked about our school newspaper, Trojan Turf, but it is SO fun and SO worth looking into if your school doesn't have an online paper.  Mrs. Gross, one of our English teachers, teaches a Journalism class.  Students in grades 10-12 can be in the class as an English elective.  The students learn the ins and outs of newspapers, writing stories, taking photos, and editing documents.  She has all the students write in the class, she chose two editors, and one student does all the online publishing, which I help mentor.  They also have to keep a blog and write on that every week.  The topic is his/her choosing, but they are responsible for keeping that up to date.  I love this as it teaches them how to become online writers and see the importance of it.
     Our site is hosted by SNO, which is an online and mobile publishing site.  I want to say we pay like $300 each year for them to host this.....really not that much for what the students are gaining
from this.  Check out the interface below - and BE SURE to check out the link of OUR online paper!

Happy Thanksgiving all - take care
Mrs. I:)

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