Thursday, November 5, 2015

Making Gains with Makey Makey

I HAVE to brag about two students (Jimmy and Ethan) that worked to create switches for some students.  I wrote a blog a month ago about a device called a Makey Makey.  The idea is that you use electricity to create a switch for students that maybe can't use a computer mouse or keyboard.  By plugging the Makey Makey into the USB of your computer, these students can then activate the space bar or click button to moves things, play games, make music, etc.. on the computer.  So here is what Jimmy and Ethan came up with:

Here is an example of a joystick type switch where they can play PacMan, or mover directionally.  They used cardboard and then glued tinfoil onto it to attach the alligator clips to.  They also took markers to draw arrows on the tinfoil to show directions.

This shows them playing a "piano" that was created again with cardboard covered in tinfoil.  You will notice that when they play they are wearing a "bracelet" that they made to clip on the ground clip.

 Finally, two switches were made to create tap spots for simply clicking or activating the space bar for various things - in this case, bongos.

The WHOLE idea is to give students the ABILITY to DO things that they might not otherwise be able to do with traditional technology - LOVE THIS:)!  CHECK IT OUT.....

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Mrs. I:)

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