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Digital Curriculum - WOWZER:)!!!

   I had mentioned before that I attended a workshop at Lakes Country in Fergus Falls with 4 other teachers from Barnesville.  AMAZING!!  There are SO SO SO many resources out there available for us - open source resource - YES!!  As we begin to consider curriculum for next near in the Language Arts area, the teachers saw GREAT things and thought this possibility of having digital curriculum might work:)!

Here is a BRIEF overview of two of the apps that were talked about here:

1. Thinglink is an App and a companion website!  This app and website allow you to create imaginative, interactive images with active links.  You can "hot spot" certain areas and add text, embed a video or picture - SO SO COOL:)

2. Frolyc is the website and Activity Spot the app to go with it.  This one is SUPER GREAT:)!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  You have to create an account, but once you do - you sign your kids up and the website gives each kid a code to access your created items.  You can make quizzes, read stories, create content maps - LIMITLESS!!!  If you check out ANY of these CHECK. OUT. THIS. ONE!!!  It's worth your time!!!

Below are the websites that she shared - some you probably know about - others are new:

1. CK12: This is a PLETHORA of open source material that anyone can use and access!  You simply have to create an account and login.  You can download PDF files, eBooks, ePubs, etc.. right within the site.  You can also use various chapters that you choose to create your own flex books with.  An AMAZING resource that is FREE for use:)!!  The ONLY downfall is that there isn't Language Arts as it's a STEM based website so you can find anything science and math related.  Braingenie is a component of CK12 that also has SO much stuff for practice and learning of materials.

2.  dotEPUB: this is actually a download that allows you to turn any website into an instant ebook!  SO easy to use once it's downloaded, but there are a few steps to get that to happen!  The BEST thing I think it could be used for is for teachers to actually DOWNLOAD the ebook and then post to their Schoology page, website or blog.  LOVE IT!!

3. Project Gutenberg: English teachers are going to LOVE THIS!!  Download over 42,000 FREE books!  Now, you won't find the latest and most recent books here, but for any classic or American literature educators, you will find this VERY resourceful!  Simply download and post somewhere for kids to upload into their iBooks:)!

4. Tar Heel Reader: Find a book or write a book; this site has both.  If you want to just search and download that's great, but you can also write your own books on sight words, letters, sounds, etc.. and publish them into an eBook - super easy!!

5. TedED: Create any lesson around YouTube videos.  Flip them and turn them into a more meaningful idea.  Add points, questions, etc.. SUPER NEAT!!

6. Symbaloo: Access your bookmarks at any computer anytime with Symbaloo.  Compile your bookmarks into a "grid" like page where you have all your bookmarks located.  Never lose a bookmark again - easy to use and super helpful!!

7. Stich: Copy and paste URLs into a textbox and click "stich it" and you will be given ONE URL with all the links attached to it for sharing.  An easy way to share links with coworkers and students!

8. Lit2 Go: Another great reference for English teachers.  TONS of books to download and listen to for free.  Again, not your TOP PICKS, but many great ones:)

9. HippoCampus: Another great resource similar to CK12 in that it's Math, Science and Social Studies based with a plethora of open source materials.

10. Curriki: Free online resources for teachers!  There is SO. MUCH. HERE. that it's hard to take it all in - wow!  There are materials here for ALL content which is SUPER GREAT:)!

11. Educade: Hundreds of lessons plans and learning tools for every content area.  Again, takes time to look and browse, but there's some GEMS in here!

12. OpenEd: Video, games and more are embedded in this open source of resources for teachers to use with students.  Again, time to look is needed!!

13. Big History Project: FREE 9/10th grade social studies course online!  Already created, ready to use and learn!!

WOW!!  That's even not ALL of them - just some to get you started!!  It is SO SO overwhelming for me I can't imagine what it is for a TEACHER:!)!!  I think that our idea is to take 5 of these, since 5 of us went to the workshop, and each one of us will share one at our next CPT time.  That ways teachers can get an idea of where to start and them GIVE. THEM. TIME!!  The ONE thing that we never get - the ONE thing that we ALL need more of;)!!

Happy Monday everyone,
Mrs. I:)


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