Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  This is a GREAT APP (I say that a lot don't I:)!  I know that it is simply a recording app, but once recorded you can download, email, post, use as an MP3, etc.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it:)!  AND so does Señorita Shannon!  She is our Spanish teacher at our high school and has always had her students speak phrases and conversation in Spanish.  In the past, she has had to sit one on one with the students and then listen to them - if they make a mistake, they start over, if it's louder in the classroom, she can't hear them - Audioboo SOLVED THIS:)!!!  The students now can record their lovely Spanish speaking voices at home without all the interruptions and the stress!  If they make a mistake, they simply record another version!  When they are finished they email them to her and she is able to hear them without the chaos of trying to do it during class.  This also has given her more freedom to teach more things as she doesn't have to take class time to do this!

  Other ways it can be used:

  1. Response to Intervention (RTI) groups - students can read a book to themselves for fluency and then follow along listening to themselves and mistakes they may make

2. Students can use this app to read prompts again and again timing themselves to hear and see improvements

3. Students can record speeches that they may have to give - timing themselves and listening for expression

4. Teachers can record directions for students so when they go home they will have the directions again on how to do something

5. This could be a communication device between parent and teacher for certain students

The list really could go on and on......these are just some ways that I have used it! The best part - it's FREE!  You gotta love that!

Have an AWESOME day and keep doing AWESOME things,
Mrs. I:)

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