Wednesday, November 21, 2012


  So, my NEW favorite app TODAY is Voice Thread!  This app allows you to create, record voice or movie, and explain, demonstrate or create things!  I have made 3 of them already just trying to figure out how to do them and I LOVE IT:)!!!  Some of our students DO have this one already as our English department asked for it and IT IS COOL!!! 

Ways that it could be used include:
     1 - students could write summaries of books and include story elements
     2 - while researching states, students could tell about their state and things found in it
     3 - book reviews - what books they love and why - persuasive writing
     4 - tell about anything - life cycle of a frog, different habitats of animals, why pulleys work
     5 - use it to tell about the different body systems - what they do and what organs are included
     6 - students could draw different musical notes and tell the beats they have and what certain   musical symbols that they represent
I could really go on and on - you HAVE to check this one out - and it's FREE:)!!

The other great thing is that is works hand in hand with the Voice Thread website - so you aren't just limited to the app - you can go upload Powerpoint presentations that you may have already created and turn them into something the kids can easily access!  HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE:)!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone
Mrs. I:)

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