Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Change My Thinking.......

    In reading and talking with educators and other integrationist at workshops and through email - there seems to be a common thing - teaching is changing and teachers need to change.  Although I sit and think about all the changes I made the last 14 years in education, change is inevitable and we can either "embrace" it, or "ignore" it.  I choose to embrace it!!  My two sons are TOO important for me to not know what their world is like - so I am choosing to join them on this journey so to say!  Students today are the same as students yesterday - it's their world that is different!
    That doesn't mean I would change EVERYTHING at one time - how could you?  But if we could pick one thing this week or month and go with that until we are comfortable - but never TOO comfortable to stay with what we have always been doing - THAT"S TOO EASY!!!  Then choose something different, and keep adding things and doing things a "little" different than normal - before we know it - our teaching HAS changed!  This happens every year and it SHOULD!!  I am never satisfied with what I am doing - I can ALWAYS improve and ALWAYS do more!!  That's the problem with education - there is SO much out there and SO much to do - when is it done?  Between Pinterest, Facebook, blogspots, etc.. the feeling of inadequacy is overwhelming!  TAKE A BREATH!!  Pick ONE thing and do it GREAT!  Once that becomes easier - choose another - this will make life in your classroom and life outside of the classroom ever changing - and ever enjoyable!!
  Here is an article about a teacher who changed some things in education - well she was forced to because she got iPads in her classroom - sound familiar:)!!!???  She, too, felt how many of us are - slowly OVER TIME she was able to transform her thinking and the way she did things.  The same is true here - SLOWLY over time things will continue to get easier and continue to evolve - will you JOIN the evolution or IGNORE it - the choice is yours!!

You are all AMAZING and you are all doing GREAT things!  KEEP IT UP!!
Mrs. I:)

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