Thursday, November 1, 2012


   Many teachers in our school have been using the site That Quiz to create quizzes or use the already created quizzes on the site! (Mr. Amundson actually introduced me to this site a few years back:)) It's a VERY powerful tool and many of the school districts that I have talked to about other things always bring up this site - check it out!  The starting page looks like this:

     From here you login and can create your own quiz, or use ones already in the system; you can create any type of quiz from multiple choice, true false, short answer or essay.  Students are then emailed the link and they then take the quiz.  Once completed, the quiz is scored and the teacher can see how they did - the system saves it so you can go back and check things and use the scores to enter into our JMC grading system.
    Mr. Schmitt taught a CPT day for our staff on this and he created a "cheat" sheet to get started.  I have it posted below!  He truly uses this quite a bit - so if our staff here has questions I would talk with him (or Mr. Amundson) - the getting started cheat sheet he created is VERY helpful!

HAPPY QUIZZING - Hope your stomachs don't hurt after Halloween:)!
Mrs. I:)

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