Friday, November 2, 2012


   Yesterday I went to a workshop at Lakes Country on eBooks and Digital Learning - WE ARE RIGHT ON here in Barnesville!  Not only am I totally convinced that the iPad was the way to go for Barnesville Public Schools, but I am TOTALLY convinced that EVERYONE here is 100% AMAZING!!  We are SO ahead of the game compared to SO many districts - and all the teachers have done a great job just embracing the fact we have the iPads and using them.  The presenter spent time showing various apps that she really likes - and WE HAVE MANY OF THEM - YAHOO!!  She also really focused on the idea of getting "cross content" area apps, as once you teach a certain topic or unit and the kids master that app skill, they are obsolete!  I totally agree!  Keep finding ways to use the many apps that we have!  I also get the idea of wanting more - I AM QUEEN OF THIS!!  I want more of EVERYTHING especially Apple and techy related items - why I can't ever be CONTENT??  That doesn't mean it's always better - and I need to be reminded of that DAILY!!  So try something  that you have ALREADY used, but maybe in another way - or try something new that you haven't done yet!  There is NO comparing and NO right and wrong - SO many of you have been stepping outside your comfort zone and giving things a shot - and I am SO proud of you!  Keep being amazing and keep plugging away staff - YOU"RE THE BEST!!!
   Check out this video created by students in California for the "Insomnia Film Festival."  They do this every year and kids are given 24 hours to create a video - this was the winner!  They did this JUST FOR FUN!!  And I think that's it!  Kids are going to start doing things like this because it's FUN and because they can SHARE with others their love!  This really is a hoot:)
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. I

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