Thursday, November 15, 2012

More with Pic Collage.....

   Both our Fifth Grade and our Third Grade have been using Pic Collage for various projects.  In the Fifth Grade, one of the rotations that they have, and that Mrs. Askegaard teaches, is MOVE 21.  She incorporates art with the iPads.  I will continue to post projects that she does, but one thing that she had the kids create was adjective collages.  Students had to take a picture of themselves, turn it black and white, and then come up with adjectives that they would use to describe themselves.  Aren't they just DARLING?!!!!  I LOVE IT:)!!  What a great way to review what adjectives are, along with a project on photography and using the app Pic Collage.

   Third graders also used Pic Collage and made collages titled "Third Grade Is..."  The kids used photos from the Internet, took photos around the room, of people, etc.. and then created collages about what they feel Third Grade means to them - again DARLING:)!!!

SO GREAT AND SO FUN!!  Two more ways to use this fantastic app -
Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

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