Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mac and Pages Help....

   As I have mentioned before, every teacher in our school was handed a Macbook Pro and an iPad 2 last spring.  Now we have been a PC school since I began teaching here 12 years ago, so this was a TOTALLY new thing for most everyone.  Those users, like me, that came to Barnesville as a Mac user had to make the transition from a Mac (well I NEVER really made the transition as I STILL use Mac at home:):).  I had a hard time at first.  Although the platforms were similar, things were NOT the same!  The idea of learning a "new" platform was hard to swallow.  Now the tables were turned and I was the one that was like, "YAHOO!"  Others, however, well everyone except one other teacher, really, had never used a Mac or hadn't used one in years!  Some decided to not even use it.  Others chose to jump on board and put their PC away!  Some are in between - which is where I would have been when I first came to Barnesville.  Over time the adjustment has been fine, and I know that in another year, the teachers here will feel the same way about the Macbook.  I have even TOTALLY converted one teacher here who would have NEVER thought of buying a Mac.  Not only does he have a Mac, he has an iPad, Apple TV, and JUST bought the iPhone 5 - wow:)!!  Who would have thought!!!
   Again, although they are "similar" they are different, too.  Shortcuts are different, icons are different, and the keyboard alone is different.  A few teachers asked me to create a "cheat" sheet to help remember these shortcuts, or even to be AWARE of what they are! So here you go - here is a "helpers" guide for people that haven't been using the Macbook for very long. 

   I am in the process of also creating one for Keynote, so when that is complete, I will upload it as well!

Happy Wednesday
Mrs. I:)

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