Monday, February 4, 2013

Common Sense Media

   One site that I learned about at TIES, once again, is a site called Common Sense Media!  If you have not yet laid out a plan as to where things should be taught relating to technology, then this, along with the Iste Standards, would be a great starting point.  I know that years ago, we had met as a technology committee and set grade level standards that followed a continuum through 6th grade.  However, with the ever changing world of technology, and now our implementation of MOVE 21, this is definitely something that has to be revisited!
   When you come to the Common Sense Media, you will see this screen -

from which, there will be a variety of things to choose from and options to go to.  You can look at the scope and sequence per grade level, you can see what is taught where regarding cyberbullying, internet safety, etc.. it's really great!  It's also an AMAZING starting point to start organizing and remapping what your district is doing. 

The areas that are included are shown below:

   I know that this, along with the iste standards are the two resources that I am going to use as we venture this process of remapping technology and the common core standards that should be taught!

Good Luck! Happy Monday
Mrs. I:)

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