Thursday, February 14, 2013

Evaluating Apps..........

   This is a topic that is under great discussion ALWAYS!!  Which apps are the BEST to use in each content area?  Which apps track data for students and teachers?  Which apps can you use across multiple disciplines?  Which apps do kids keep going back to?  These questions and MORE are ones that we are asking ourselves as we begin MOVE 21 - Year 2!!  I always find myself going back to Kathy Schrock!  Not only her "everything" website, but her blog as well (look for it on my sidebar:)!  She developed a really good iPad App Evaluation Form.  She really does a great job looking at the overall components of the app that many people neglect to check out!  I think that many teachers, myself included here, tend to find an app, download it, play a little and then say it's great!  However, do we REALLY take a peek at what we are getting?  Therefore, I took her evaluation and tailored it a little bit to meet the needs in Barnesville.  Here is what I came up with for our iPad Evaluation Form; similar components, but also wanted to include things like is it volume purchasing?  what do the reviews say about it?  how many stars does it receive?
   I know it seems like a LOT more work for the teachers, but we needed something a little more DETAILED in place to make sure everyone is aware what the app has to offer and how the use of it will benefit the students!

PS - if you haven't gotten Mr. Spouse or Mrs. Spouse something special for today check out ABC News for some last minute apps for help:)!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone,
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